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Svetlana Peunova

Obshchestvennyy deyatel, uchreditel i sovetnik ANO «Akademiya razvitiya Svetlany Peunovoy», kandidat psihologicheskih nauk, pisatel.
Svetlana  Peunova

Svetlana Mixailovna Peunova is Russian, was born in 1958 in the family of serviceman and teacher.
She is married and has 2 children.

Since 1960, she lives in Samara.
In 1978 she graduated from Kuibyshev Musical College.
In 1983 she also graduated from Kuibyshev Pedagogical Institute. She worked as a teacher in music and public schools.
In 1996 she established Center of Folk Medicine in Samara, and she was a director there since the moment of establishment until 2007.
Today, an autonomous nonprofit organization “Academy of development” founded by Svetlana Peunova, is successfully operating in Samara, by the author’s method of medicineless recovery, that received two patents of Russian Federation (# # 2,177,346, 2,182,021) in 2001-2002.

Since 1998 till 2007, Svetlana Peunova served as a president of the regional public organization "Regional Center" Professional Medical Association of specialists of traditional and folk medicine."
And, since 2003 till 2007, she served as a president of analogous inter-regional public organization that united professionals of medicineless recovery from more than 30 regions of Russia.
In 2001 she graduated from Samara Medical college of N. Lyapina.
Since 2001 for four years she volunteered to work as an independent expert of the Commission on Traditional Medicine Ministry of Health in Samara Region.
Since 2005 she works with public commission of social development of Council of public organizations in the Samara Regional Duma.

In 2006 she graduated from faculty of Law of Samara State University.
In October 2006, she defended Candidate's dissertation on the specialty of "medical psychology" in the Russian State Pedagogical University of A.I. Herzen.

The work of Svetlana Peunova and the work of organization she heads, repeatedly made a special mention of Russian and international public. Those awards are: Gold Medal from All-Russian Exhibition Centre for the "Contribution to the Development of Traditional Medicine" (Moscow, 2002), Diploma "For Contribution to the formation of healthy lifestyle" (All-Russian scientific-practical conference on the introduction of society to healthy lifestyles, the Federation Council, January 2005), Diploma "For a great contribution to the improvement of the nation’s health” (Women's International Forum "The role of women leaders in the socio-economic development of society", Rome, Italy, February 2005), Diploma "For great contribution to the consolidation of the society forces in the interests of development and prosperity of Great Russia on the results of work of year 2004" (edited encyclopedia "Best People of Russia", May 2005), Certificate for participation in the international program "Partnership for Development", the honorary award "Golden Eagle" (Germany, August 2005), Certificate for development of psychosomatic approach in medicine, (15th European Symposium on somatotheraphy and psychosomatic Education, Poland, Krakow, October 2005), Honorary Diploma "For the recognition of significant contribution to national economic development and international business cooperation" and "International Prize in Economics «GLOBAL WORLD » (International Assembly for Economic, Scientific and Cultural Cooperation, Austria, Vienna, 2007) and others.
Svetlana Peunova is an author of the whole number of books on popular and practical philosophy that all Russia reads. These books are: the set of books called “The ABC of happiness” and “The textbook of life truths”, “Thoughts for everyday”, “Notes to remember” also the set of political books called “All authority to the people,” a trilogy “Is there happiness in life?” and others.

TV Channel
During three years, Svetlana Peunova was an anchorperson of author’s telecast “ABC of happiness” on the local TV channel. Svetlana was writing scenarios by herself, and trying different forms of association with TV audience. This telecast was very popular among citizens of Samara Region, because Svetlana Peunova had been answering the most critical issue of every citizen. This telecast, as well as books, discussed solutions to the most complex issues of relationships, self-actualization, health and education of children. Of cause, the health and wellbeing of people is being influenced not only by their own qualities, but also by relationships with others, the society itself, economic, political and social processes at the state level. When, on one of her telecasts, Svetlana spoke about politics and economics, and illustrated charts of trends of social and economic processes in Russia, she was immediately banned from appearing on the screen. A successful project has been closed by the “order from above.” Since that moment a cruel censorship toward Svetlana Peunova, and everything that associates with her, began.

wiki: Svetlana Peunova
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Svetlana Peunova

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Svetlana Peunova. Azbuka schastYa. Glavnoe o mire - Svetlana Peunova Books

Svetlana Peunova

"Svetlana Peunova. Azbuka schastYa. Glavnoe o mire"

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Svetlana Peunova

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Svetlana Peunova. Sovety na vse sluchai zhizni. Zhizn v obshchestve - Svetlana Peunova Books

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Svetlana Peunova. Sovety na vse sluchai zhizni. Na zdorove! - Svetlana Peunova Books

Svetlana Peunova

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