Order and discounts

Dear valued Customer,
thank you, that you have decided to use the services of our online store. We hope that the cooperation with us, for you will be advantageous and agreeable. This page contains instructions for using of our online store, if you help with the fulfillment of your order or viewing of pages with the goods will be required.

  • Click on the left menu on the link "Registration" to register.
  • To add your selected item in the "Shopping Cart", click you on the "symbol of the shopping cart, beside the price. As default, is put in the shopping cart one unit.
  • After you have finished your purchase, press on the left menu on the link "Shopping Cart", or top right of the icon with the shopping cart.
  • In the appeared window you can change quantity of the goods or delete unwanted items, here you see the total value of your goods without shipping costs.
  • If the order was edited, press the button "Update" (if you made any changes), then press the button "Proceed to Checkout".
  • You check your address again to avoid undeliverable shipments. If everything is correct, press the button "Proceed to Checkout".
  • In the point "Shipping", select you the shipping method. The shipping costs depend on the shipping method, quantity of product, and from your country of residence. If you have decided, press the concerning button "Proceed to Checkout".
  • Then you get to the page where you can select the payment method:
    • PayPal (Transaction charge: 0,99 EUR)
    • Prepayment
    • Cash on delivery (After 3 orders)
    • Direct debit (After 5 orders)
    • Purchase on account (After 5 orders)
  • If you choose the payment method and read the "User agreement" (AGB), click on the concerning button "Proceed to Checkout".
  • Then you get to the page where you see your order with the total sum for your goods and for shipping. Then press the button "Buy" to give up your order finally, you will receive a confirmation of your order by e-mail.
  • After the order is to give up your desired goods, dependent on the payment method, dispatched immediately or reserved 20 days for you.

On your first visit to this site you will have to register your details on our registration page. This only takes a few moments, and your information will not be used by any other organisations other then PeterShop and its associated companies. This also needs to be done each time you revisit the site.


In our online shop exists a flexible system of discounts. When you purchase a product of one category (music, video, books, etc.) in quantity of
  • 5 units, get a discount of 3% of the price of goods
  • 10 units - a discount of 5%
  • 20 units - a discount of 10%
With an order value of more than 50,00 EUR within Germany, you get your desired goods postage free home delivered.

If you need help or have any other questions, contact us at info@petershop.com, we will help you.