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Здесь находится аттестат нашего WM идентификатора 151208586515

Wir bildan aus!
Anastasiya Prikhodko. Zazhdalas (Vinyl LP) - Anastasia Prikhodko Vinyl (LP)

Anastasia Prikhodko

"Anastasiya Prikhodko. Zazhdalas (Vinyl LP)"

The power and attractiveness of Anastasia Prikhodko's voice are able to penetrate into the hearts of music fans and in crowded concert hall with excellent acoustics, and through the airwaves. ...

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Ivan Dorn. Co'n'dorn (Vinyl LP) - Ivan Dorn Vinyl (LP)

Ivan Dorn

"Ivan Dorn. Co'n'dorn (Vinyl LP)"

Ivan Dorn became the main musical event for the past year in CIS countries and in the hearts of million girls. It s awards and titles are not quantifiable, the ...

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Serega. Khronika parnishki s gomelskikh ulits (Vinyl LP) - Serega  Vinyl (LP)


"Serega. Khronika parnishki s gomelskikh ulits (Vinyl LP)"

When best-known rapper of the CIS countries was called "Slavic EMINEM" and yet he didn't manage destinies of young talents of the Russian and Ukrainian show business, people saw his ...

Out of stock

Pianoboy. Ne prekrashchay mechtat (Vinyl LP) - Pianoboy  Vinyl (LP)


"Pianoboy. Ne prekrashchay mechtat (Vinyl LP)"

In autumn 2013, "Music for the Masses" and MOON Records released the second album of the band Pianoboy named “Ne prekraschaj mechtat’” ("Do not stop dreaming"). Vinyl record includes 11 ...

Out of stock

Tik. Vesilniy (Vinyl LP) - TIK  Vinyl (LP)


"Tik. Vesilniy (Vinyl LP)"

Virtuosos of the modern Ukrainian festivals and, of course, welcome guests for every wedding, the band TIK produced a special release for those who know a lot about traditions of ...

Out of stock

Skryabin. Ballady (Vinyl LP) - Skryabin  Vinyl (LP)


"Skryabin. Ballady (Vinyl LP)"

Ballads performed by Kuzma Skryabin set million admirers of cult group thinking and go on searches of deep meanings. Compilated in the album of the same name, this spring ...

Out of stock

Bumboks. Terminal B (Vinyl LP) - Bumboks (BoomBox)  Vinyl (LP)

Bumboks (BoomBox)

"Bumboks. Terminal B (Vinyl LP)"

After a year of creative endeavors Boombox band presented a new album named "Terminal B". It was inspired by frequent flights of the collective and recording process which was held ...

Out of stock

Druga rika. Moda (Vinyl LP) - Druga rika  Vinyl (LP)

Druga rika

"Druga rika. Moda (Vinyl LP)"

Admirers of the Ukrainian rockers of "Druga Rika" call an album "Moda" ("Fashion") the favourite one. As result, through all songs of an album there passes a thirst subject to ...

Out of stock

Lavika. Kosnemsya gubami (Vinyl LP) - Lavika  Vinyl (LP)


"Lavika. Kosnemsya gubami (Vinyl LP)"

It’s been almost two years after the release of lyric debut album, which was named “Serdce v forme solnca” (The heart in a shape of the sun). And ...

Out of stock

Jamala. All or nothing (Vinyl LP) - Jamala  Vinyl (LP)


"Jamala. All or nothing (Vinyl LP)"

ALL OR NOTHING is the new Jamala filled with new inspiration and new melodies. Four years of intensive tour activity turned the young singer into the virtuoso performer. Her improbable ...

Out of stock

Ani Lorak. Colntse (Vinyl LP) - Ani Lorak Vinyl (LP)

Ani Lorak

"Ani Lorak. Colntse (Vinyl LP)"

The album "Solntse" ("The Sun") - certainly, the main planet of Ani Lorak's musical universe! After the fabulous performance at the Eurovision with these songs the singer rocked the whole ...

Out of stock

Bumboks. Seredniy Vik (Vinyl LP) - Bumboks (BoomBox)  Vinyl (LP)

Bumboks (BoomBox)

"Bumboks. Seredniy Vik (Vinyl LP)"

Having reached middle age, musicians of Bumboks group still don't know the middle levels in the creativity! In an album "Seredniy Vik" they rejected the labels again and raised ...

Out of stock

The Maneken. Portrait (Vinyl LP) - The Maneken  Vinyl (LP)

The Maneken

"The Maneken. Portrait (Vinyl LP)"

The best are worthy the best! Recognized the best artist according to the version of the influential American company A&R Worldwide known on work with Coldplay, Keane, AvrilLavigne, Dido, LilyAllen, ...

Out of stock